Dink Studio | Fine Art

A self-taught visual artist from Kildare Town, I am inspired to connect with people through my expressive artwork. I founded Dink Studio in 2016 upon discovering I wasn’t born to work in an insurance company! I always had a piece of paper underneath my keyboard for inspirational sketches. One was of a lady with a big smile, holding onto a lamppost on a windy day, her red bobble hat blown off and her curly hair freed. I recognised her straight away! It was me, making a bid for freedom! I had to answer that call.

I work primarily with inks, but also use the mediums of pastels and watercolours. I love to make people smile with my quirky pen and ink prints based humorous observations of life. Framed in contemporary white lime, they make ideal gifts for friends. 

On a larger scale, I love to work with vibrant ink on ceramic. My body of work reflects the varied, abundant and powerful Irish landscape, with its soil interwoven with ancient history and the swirling mists shrouding the mountains with whispered legends.

Each piece has a story; from cottages in the west of Ireland, huddling together for warmth, to the clear, starry summer nights illuminating the Curragh plains of Kildare, each piece captures a view and a moment in time. Ancient narratives are reignited and the sacred is reimagined. We mesh with our ancestors as we reconnect with nature through a ‘sense of place’.

I also teach the art of using alcohol inks through a series of workshops and evening classes in the Kildare area. Named “Go with the flow”, the emphasis is on having fun and enjoying learning about these little used inks in a relaxed and supportive setting, free from self-imposed restrictions to inspire great art! Classes will be expanded to other counties in the future.

Visit my website at www.dinkstudio.com to explore my range of limited edition prints and lively drawings, or to discover more learning how to use alcohol inks through my workshop series.