Julie Lawlor | Jewellery

Julie Lawlor is the jewellery designer behind Bold Lines jewellery. She is passionate about designing and making contemporary jewellery, using hand sketches/3D or wax designs with both traditional and modern techniques to make each piece of jewellery.

She arrived in Ireland over 10 years ago from Paris where she worked in a Music School and finished her Master in Art & project Management. Since she was a child, she always had a passion for Art and design. Architecture, interior design and nature are her main inspirations and she also takes a lot of inspiration from her environment and the people she meets.

Each piece is lovingly made to order, by hand and designed with longevity in mind in her studio in Kildare. She repurposes old unused jewellery into timeless wearable pieces that can be enjoyed and loved for a lifetime. Julie also designs bespoke pieces from scratch, sourcing fine metals and gemstones.

Her goal is to capture each of her clients unique personality, journey and style and reflect this in each custom piece she designs and offers a collaborative process where the customer is truly involved from initial consultation to delivery of the final piece.

Check out her designs online at www.boldlines.ie or book your free consultation to discuss your next jewellery project!