Marie Hopkins | Miview

Miview is inspired by the heritage buildings of Kildare Town and a desire to create light-weight, affordable and culturally significant gifts for visitors.

Miview fuses our historic architectural legacy in unique laser engraved souvenirs showcasing the elegant elevations of our structures in scaled proportions.  Each miniature 3D treasure is cut from 3mm and 1.5mm beech plywood and finished with inks, paints, stains and varnished.

Each Irish-made memento enables the visitor’s cultural experience of our historic architecture to live on long past their visit, whether they enjoyed a connection with a site or want a unique reminder of a special day. They are also a thoughtful gift for emigrants who love the memory of home, and a quality yet affordable corporate gift for international dignitaries.  

Miview’s ambition is to develop a template that can be used for several historical buildings throughout the county and beyond.

Explore our range online at to deepen your cultural experience through Ireland’s historic architecture!