Visual Artist & Tutor

What did you do before you created your business?
I worked in a bank for a few years, very helpful learning for running a small business

What was your inspiration behind your business?
It is a way of communicating with myself and with the wider world.

What made you take the plunge to start your business and sell online?
I always knew I would set up a creative business of some kind…in fact this is my third creative business.

What helps you work or inspires you?
Time to myself, to think and to create, even tidying my studio help with my ideas and plans.

What is your studio / workshop like?
Light filled, bright with lots of storage and work stations. Sometimes its very disorganised, sometimes beautifully tidy.

Best thing about your job?
Flexibility of working hours, I can start very early in the morning, or work late into the night. I can take segments of time off to do other things that interest and inspire me. This freedom is vital for me as you can’t force creative ideas or creative productivity.

What do you love most about creating?
Things that challenge the particular medium I am working in or that test my technical skills. Problem solving to achieve a desired result or that brings you in a new and different direction is so rewarding…eventually!

Music when you work? If so, what do you listen to?
Sometimes I listen to music while I work. I often require quietness to aid concentration however when I am doing repetitive tasks that I am very familiar with, I love motivational music or a good artist interview or lifestyle interview.

Your recommended place to visit in county Kildare?
Avoca in Rathcoole, although I don’t think that is really in Kildare. Any artist studio that will have me. Two Cooks in Sallins.

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