Nina Patterson | Artist

An Irish artist, born in Dublin, Nina now lives in County Kildare with her husband and three children.

Nina paints light-filled watercolours, full bodied liquid acrylics and heavy textured oils. Initially a watercolour painter, Nina, at the age of twenty was the youngest ever elected member of the WSI.

Following her passion for painting, Nina now works across a range of disciplines, grounds and sizes. Her style is easily discernible, through unique manipulation of paint & use of colour. “I have come to realise that I can’t live without painting”, says Nina, ‘’It fills me with calm happiness’’. Inspiration for Nina’s work comes from the world around her, creating a work of art for Nina means much more than simply reproducing something she sees. ‘’It’s about capturing the essence of a moment in time,” she explains.

While Nina is noted for her interior paintings, she is also a talented landscape, still life and figure painter. Nina creates original pieces of art that ignite the senses, stirring emotions, evoking feelings of contented happiness.
‘I hope to bring viewers on a journey, inviting them to escape for a moment, Inspirations to Enjoy, Live & Dream.’




: Nina Patterson
: Nina Patterson