Rennie Buenting | Visual Artist

Rennie Buenting is a visual artist renown for her original work that connects her audience to the artistic, heritage and cultural realm. Her work often contains an underlying meaning or protest, which can resonate within a much broader context, as well as on a more personal level.

Rennie submerges herself in her subject and allows it to dictate the medium she uses. These include painting, printmaking, textiles, sculpture, installation, film and performance that delivers a unique experience of a space, a place, a cause, or a landscape, and often serve as a discussion platform.

Rennie has been awarded numerous bursaries and residencies and has exhibited in Ireland and abroad. She has received widespread acclaim from individuals, collectors and galleries, with her work even featuring in the Prince of Wales’ art collection. Her two most popular exhibitions, The Magdalen Laundries and Where has all the sugar gone (an exhibition about the demise of the Irish Sugar Industry) include large installations and audience participation and attract much interest and discussion.

Rennie commenced her professional art career after 30 years of teaching in schools while running a thoroughbred racing stud farm.

View Rennie’s work online at and call her 086-3898061 to talk about your next project.


: 086 389 8061